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Steve Rubel: For the next wave of media upstarts, it’s the dog and the rest is the tail

17 Jan

Steve Rubel, SVP, Direktur Insights for Edelman Digital, divisi dari Edelman, perusahaan public relations, menulis dalam blognya mengenai gelombang media di masa yang akan datang.

The next wave of media disruptors are laser focused on being tailored, rather than retrofitted, for mobile devices. They start out sometimes just as apps, creating a strong beachhead in your pocket. Then they use these platforms to springboard into other ancillary media ventures. This means they’re cut from a different cloth than older stalwarts that often need to retrofit themselves for mobile.

With Internet consumption on mobile devices set to surpass the same on PCs next year, according to Morgan Stanley, and US smart phone penetration to hit 50%, Nielsen says, mobile is no longer the tail on the media dog. For the next wave of media upstarts, it’s the dog and the rest is the tail.

Journalism is dead

14 Dec

Journalism-is-dead.com ini merupakan kumpulan kutipan sebagai lonceng peringatan sekaligus celotehan yang lucu tentang mengapa jurnalisme sebagai industri telah mati. Telah mati? Yay. Pasalnya, jurnalisme anyar kini telah bertemu dengan teknologi.